I'm Andy Li. An iOS and Front-end Web Developer


I recently graduated from the The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a track emphasis in Software Development. Throughout my time in college I was able to expose myself to a wide range of programming skills. Even after completing my degree, I am still actively looking to expand my horizon.


Here are a few skills that I have gained starting with the most familiar:







iOS Tracker App

I created an iOS application that was inspired by one of my high school teachers. The application is intended to be used by people in the construction business. It keeps track of all items used in a job.

China King Buffet Website

Designed and developed a website for my family's Chinese restaurant business. Showcases a variety of pictures of the restaurant as well as the food and pricing of the meals.

JavaScript Animations

I wanted to try my hand on some JavaScript Animations. I made a couple simple animations that I found pretty cool. Not a finished project.(Still want to try new things)


IT Systems Staff Operator (Field Technician)

For two and a half years of my college life, the College of Science Engineering department at the University of Minnesota employed me as an IT operator. Although the position did not involve much programming, it allowed me to gain valuable insight into each component of a computer and how to keep them functioning properly.

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